Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Diary Day 9 (Matej)

I was scared, I didn't know where my friends were. It was 4 in the morning and then I heard something from the 
bushes. It was the same dwarf that my friends saw, he said that i found the treasure under the rainbow
so I asked him what treasure. He said that I have 3 choices: be immortal,be with my firends,find Sarah. It was tough because i've always wanted to be immortal and never leave
my friends, always being by their side, but I also had feeling towards Sarah. I said that I want to be with Sarah, 
because my friends don't know that she can fly because her father was the devil so when 
we tried to get our friends there was a dragon he tried to eat us but what I didn't expect was Sarah freezing the dragon so we could get away. In a matter of hours we were 
with our friends. It was the scariest thing that happened to me in 5 years. Then they told us all about the ninjas and we told them about the dragon and 
now everyone knew she had wings and supernatural powers and they were angry but also happy to see the both of us then Michael and Sarah kissed.
We only needed to find Dani, but he was very smart he knew how to speak all the languages of the magical world,
there was the Trolling,Draigoning,ELfish,Fiosh, and many other languages we could only speak elfish and trolling so we were kind of jealous.
We were going home while we all stepped on a trap door and fell down and in a couple of minutes,then we saw Dani we were so happy
so then he helped us, Sarah's wings were hurt so Ambrož Gašper and Michael healed her wings with Elvish medicine and Dragon spells.Then we saw an elf and he said that...

Monday, April 13, 2020

Diary day 8 (Janez Pavel)

april 01, 2020
I waked up. I was remembering strong hit on my had. There were two of them men. They were angry, because we were them lied. Therefore Ambrož's plan was bad. Ambrož was abashed.
 My plane was probably better, but me nobody were listening. My plane was that we said, that we have big army and if they aren't going to us release, we going to tell our comrades.
But we were imprisoning. Then was time for my plane. My plane was successful. Ninjas scared. Ninjas were released us. We were free and we went to the end of rainbow. It was getting dark and we were much walk, therefore we were tired and therefore we was cannot defending ourselves when us feasted trolls.
 We were again imprisoning. For fear we slept. I was had very bad dream. I was dreaming that we were again and again falling in internment.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Diary day 7 (Ambrož)

 We were camping with ninjas which sounds more dangerous than it is.
We were so thankful to ninjas that they were giving us food, drinks and they even tould us that they can help us to find Sarah except Ambrož was a bit scared because ninjas really look dangerous. I think that we are gonna be nice and healty at the end. The next day we went to find Sarah. I always had in mind that I have super powers and that I ca use them whenever. But with ninjas there was no need to do that. We didn't know that at every noon ninjas kill one of them. We didn't know why so Jacob asked one of them . He said that they are giving one of their members to god every day. Ambrož started to shake. He was scared because he thought that he is going to be next. John asked if we ate already members but unfourtunaly they said yes. Me and my friends sat down together and asked each other what is the plan. Ambrož put out his book and started to draw the plan, that came out insane. Now we all knew that Ambrož is not just a guy that likes to be smart, but that he is a genious. The plan was that we pretend that we all had a date in city and because ninjas must stay hide we went alone and if we will miss this opportunity to just disapear. We should be an idiots. So we followed Ambrož's plan and we thought that we escaped. We actually went to city to finnaly get some food and relaxe for a minute. Next day we went back to a mission. We started to walk to the end of the rainbow, but there were two of them…

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Diary day 6 (Gašper)

March 08,2020

When John teleported us, something went wrong. We are fine but Dani and Matej disappeared. We are very scared about this but we did not know how we can help. So we decided to move forward.
Now we are at the rocky desert. Here are only rocks. We are very unhappy because we can not find Sarah or our friends. The most unhappy is Gašper because here in no wather. But despite that we are going to walk along the desert. After a few hours we find a camp of Red ninjas. They are very dangerouse clan but they are very friendly to us.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Diary day 5 (Jakob)

Nextday we are so tired and exostet, because we couldn't sleep. In the morning we went  looking. We didn't eat anything so we were hungry to.
So we knew that, we have to eat something fast. We saw a unicorn, but we didn't want to hurt it. so we left it there sleeping. We walked slowly and looking for food. We were walking, when sudennly we saw a dwarf. He told us that, if we are so hungry we must find his treasure, which is hidden somewhere over the rainbow. So we went to find his treasure. Ambrož brought some fruit with us. We flew on Ambrož's plane, then we swam with Gašper and at the end we fight with great monster named Masket which could kill you very fast. But we had mighty warrior Jacob with us. He was always telling stories to himself, but it was worth it. He defeated the monster and we found a treasure. Dwarf gave us enough food for our journey. But we still had to find my Sarah.
John used his powers and he telleported us to another place, where we could find Sarah.
Will we find her?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Diary day 4 (Janez Pavel)

Janez P. Ž. united.
We heard about the Loch Ness's monster: Nessie. Because we were on Scotland, we went to Loch Ness. On the way we killed some small monsters.
Path was very difficult because I couldn't use my super powers. At late evening, we came on Nessie territory, where was dangerously. At night, we weren't sleeping because of Nessie.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Diary day 3 (Ambrož)

We finaly found that monster my old friend found it because of his superpower - looking thought trees. Than we didn't know how to kill it but my friend was many years ago cowboy so he was always having gun with him. He kill the monster and cook our lunch. We ate meat from monster and actualy was pretty good. After lunch we started to walk again. I knew that I took good people with me, because anyone knew something about nature. On our way I saw one tall child which was my not that old friend Jon. He was reading.

Diary Day 9 (Matej)

I was scared, I didn't know where my friends were. It was 4 in the morning and then I heard something from the bushes. It was the same ...