Diary day 3 (Ambrož)

We finaly found that monster my old friend found it because of his superpower - looking thought trees. Than we didn't know how to kill it but my friend was many years ago cowboy so he was always having gun with him. He kill the monster and cook our lunch. We ate meat from monster and actualy was pretty good. After lunch we started to walk again. I knew that I took good people with me, because anyone knew something about nature. On our way I saw one tall child which was my not that old friend Jon. He was reading.

Diary Day 2 (Gašper)

October 7th, 2019
Ambrož invited us to his little camp. There we ate a lunch. After that he told us about monster in the forest. This monser was attacking people. Most often young children. We had to protect them. That is why we went out to find this monster. But we didn't want to be noticed, that's why I couldn't use my super powers. So we started walking. After about an hour we finally found traces of the monster. We knew we would find the footprints sooner if we split up but we didn't know how powerful it is, so we didn't want to risk it. This is how we headed along the trail.

Diary Day 1 (Jakob)

Hi! My name is Micheal. I'm 13. I can change into all the superheroes. That's my superpower.
I had a girlfriend called Sarah. She's so beautifull and she was very good kisser. She was my muse, until sundenly she desapeared. We were looking for her for two days. In her room there was many flowers. I was so sad about it. I decided to find her. I took my friends Matej, Gašper, John, Dan and Jacob with me.

Next day we were starting our adventure. When we were all ready, we went into the forest. I changed into a Superman and I could fly that time. I flew up and I was looking on forest from outside. I saw the child running. I landed slowly and looked around for him. Then he appeared out of the bush. He was my old friend Ambrož.